The Walking Disaster

Y’all, meet my boy. My poor bastard trash child…

This is Heiko.

That guy is a mess. Since in my story he has a girlfriend, Lisa, I made his household together with her and had them move into a new house in Newcrest. I tried to reconstruct their apartment to the best of my ability, though it turned bigger than I meant to make it. Keep in mind that I didn’t have City Living back then, so even though they’re supposed to live in an apartment building, they have their own house in the game.

So basically, Heiko doesn’t have a job. I kept that detail about him. Lisa became a stylist and brought home some money.

I also got the Drugs mod, to port Heiko’s cocaine addiction over to the game. That stuff isn’t cheap. They got into money trouble really quickly – paying bills and paying drugs at the same time is not easy when the only income is a very low-paying job from one person of the household!

Heiko’s first plan was to go begging on the street…

…but that didn’t make enough money. “Luckily”, after a talk with his dealer, he got her okay for starting to sell weed… Which he did. He quickly made some new friendships in the neighbourhood and found some customers. (One of them looks almost identical to his dealer, which is always a bit confusing.) That helped him make more money, at least enough to kinda make ends meet!

The problem is that he also started hanging out in some less-than-ideal places. First, a bar opened in the neighbourhood. Since he barely ever slept when Lisa did, he had lots of free time in the evenings and nights to go out and find some interesting stuff to do.

Things got a bit out of hand in that bar. He started getting a little too close to some of his customers, poor decisions were made, and that’s how he ended up cheating on his girlfriend….more than once. That also extended further – when Lisa was at work and Heiko wasn’t hanging out at the bar, he was at home and invited over customers for deals and sexytimes.

I mean, he made a lot of cash by then, but never really had much money anyway cause he spent it all on coke anyway.

Lisa also caught him cheating at some point, and that was the time when it really got time to look around for other options, relationship wise.

Enter Ember!

She was new in the town and they got along really well right away. They became lovers really quickly, and Heiko broke up with Lisa, moved out of their apartment, and moved in with Ember. He also got married with her almost right away…

At that point I got the City Living expansion pack and had them move into a small flat in the city. The rent is rather cheap, and Heiko started growing his own weed to sell, also signed up for social benefits. He’s making decent money now, combined with the income from Ember, who is an entertainer at large. They have a sort of open relationship, I guess? Heiko started sort-of-seeing Lisa again and occasionally taps his dealer for free coke.

They also managed to kinda bully out their neighbour who was always making loud noise at night! A tank head and his human wife moved in instead. Heiko has started a fling with said wife after she became a customer…

Well, I then focused on my other Sims for a bit. He did get some new outfits, though. I also reworked his tattoo, and probably will fix his turret texture soon!

In any case, we’ll see what the future brings for him…

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