Silly Shenanigans

After being busy with stuff the last couple of days, I got around playing a bit again. Decided to continue Inferno’s adventure! He’s further pursueing his star career and also his quest for a new bandmember. On top of that, he’s trying to deal with his apartment’s problems and noisy neigbours…

I guess mice and defects were part of the deal when he got his super cheap flat, but it’s starting to get pretty annoying. No fun waking up in the middle of the night from mice after a long, hard day of causing mayhem! I would have him move to a better flat, but unfortunately he’s way too poor for that at the moment. His “job” is being part of an association, and that doesn’t pay well. And the neighbours are being annoying, too. If it’s not mice making noise, it’s the neighbours. Usually it’s the human neighbours, but a couple of times Jayden and Taylor have been noisy as well. Which one time led to an ….interesting situation as the door was opened after Inferno went to complain about the noise:

…wait what?

Not sure what they were doing in there, not sure if we want to know.

Apart from those things, I decided to take matters into my own hands and made a new Sim for the band. She lives in Windenburg, and she and Inferno met there. Her name is June. They are getting along quite well, though she unfortunately doesn’t have any guitar or singing skill (yet), so she’s disqualified from joining the band for now.

Between performing in various lounges, Inferno has not been setting things on fire a lot lately, so it was time to fix that. He ended up going to the apartment of a random acquaintance, who happens to be one of Heiko’s customers. Having some conversation at first, he got bored and started a fire in one of the rooms. It took his host a while to notice, and she ended up catching fire.

…Strangely, she didn’t die, despite getting burnt badly. The fire extinguished itself and she just stood there, burnt but alive, not doing anything, and Inferno couldn’t interact with her either. That was a bit freaky, so he left.

Uhm are you okay….?

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