New Lad

Wow, I really haven’t posted/played in ages. Well I felt like making more of my tank people, so I made my boi Armand. I haven’t had him for long as a character yet, so I’m still figuring stuff out about him. I do know already that he’s a chill guy for the most part and blind.

Maybe having him go on some Sims adventures will give me cool ideas for his story/personality? I didn’t have the chance to play much so he hasn’t done much, but so far he met Masha and they get along really well. (Yes, he tall. But also Masha’s short…and disappearing into the sofa for some reason.)

Like most of my other Sims he lives in the big city, in a small apartment. I still have to think about what job I want to give him. Might have to download some more CC.

On a sidenote, I’m glad that updating the game to the latest version seems to have broken none of my mods. I honestly expected things to crash and burn.

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