Messing Around…

…. a bit aimlessly. I’ve been suffering from a bit of loss of inspiration what to do with my current characters. Everything’s going pretty well for them currently and I didn’t have a whole lot of time to play.

Inferno has been practicing his guitar and singing (and being mean) skills. He’s still on the way to mild fame, but his band hasn’t grown yet. He has been hanging out with June more, but her musical skill is still very … humble. They went to a karaoke place together but she wasn’t singing well. Instead of trying to improve that, they made out a bit. She wanted to go home really soon though, so except for a bit of flirting and snuggling, nothing happened.

People were singing really poorly, so Inferno started setting the place on fire. It turned out there was fire sprinklers in place … a very sleepy and disappointed Inferno went home alone.

Things between Armand and Masha haven’t been going so great. They’ve been hanging out but the chemistry isn’t really right. They went to a fireworks together, but she didn’t really spend much time with him there. She likes hanging out with her other friends more. They sort of parted ways for now.

Been trying to go out and meet new people, but since he’s a bit of a Loner, he has a hard time with strangers.

So basically, he’s on his own again now, mostly working for his new job as a programmer and not doing much else other than sitting on his PC besides that.

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