Friends and Fame

After I finished a mod earlier today, I decided to play a bit. Inferno’s adventures continue… At this point he knows so many people that the relationship window makes my game lag, rip. It’s mostly because he’s being an asshole to almost everyone he meets. Got many enemies to keep track of. Some pretty ladies are exempt from the asshole-ness, but not all of them.

His objective this time was to reach the next stage of fame, which is …. not as easy as expected. Levelling up in fame takes a lot of effort, actually. Lots of Simstagram posting got him a fame quirk…now he gets random calls from people. One of them was really rude, and Inferno was sad. The guy must die.

In terms of his band efforts, he found a new member, finally. Instead of waiting for June to finally level up her skills, he went with another lady who is also very enticing. During their first band meeting together, things got a bit steamy….

Apart from that, it had been a while since he caused some shenanigans. During a boring day, he went to Del Sol Valley to look around for potential entertainment. At first, he ended up on an empty lot, where not much was to do except kicking trashcans. His next destination was an inhabited house. The name of the owner sounded pretty familiar, but … no one was home. Inferno let himself in and found some entertainment in watching TV, wrecking the bathroom sink, and – of course – setting the kitchen on fire. The owner of the house didn’t return the entire time, so Inferno eventually left again after getting tired.

I came across a funny/weird mod the other day, and thus the nice flatscreen TV was sold and an … unusual piece of furniture has taken its place.

It doesn’t DO anything except working like a normal TV, but made me think about some interesting questions such as “what would tankheads think of other types of object heads?”. No other object head types exist in their world, except in works of fiction. Do they feel it’s a parody? Are other object heads seen as less “absurd”?

In any case, Inferno eventually managed to reach the next fame level, while on a date with his girlfriend. He now gets paparazzis and fans, which is gonna be interesting I think…

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