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  • 31st May 2019 – created


I’ve finally had the time to start making my own meshes for my tank heads. This is the first one, and there probably will be more of them.

You’re looking at the King Tiger, also known as Tiger II or Tiger B. This is a “hair” CAS part that will hide everything else about the head: hats, earrings, teeth, and beards.

It fits both female and male Sims, though on the male Sims I had to lower the head a bit to make the gap between the neck and the head less obvious. It’s not completely gone and the head is rather low now, but there’s no way to fix this (I know of) so I’m afraid we’ll have to live with it. The mesh has all the LODs, so if you zoom out, it will not disappear.

There’s 3 swatches: A grey one with a turret number, a green-beige one, and a “generic” plain grey one. The third one is enabled for random Sims. If people don’t like this, I can make a version of the mod where this is disabled.

Suitable For

->Teen, YA, Adult
->Human, Vampire
->Female, Feminine
->Male, Masculine

Where to Find it

In CAS categories:

->  Hairstyles


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