Hi, I’m Arty. I’m 26 years old, she/her. Primarily, I’m an artist, but I also like to play video games. Recently I’ve become a bit obsessed with The Sims, since it gives me the opportunity to play god for my poor OCs. Since I’m also somewhat good at programming and 3d modeling, I’m trying my hand at modding the game to make it suit my needs and ideas better.

My Mods folder is getting pretty big by now…

To this blog, I’m gonna be uploading and sharing all stuff related to the game – I play The Sims 4. You will find liveblogging about my Sims’ lives, custom content, recommendations, screenshots, and random rambling here.

You’ll notice that most of my Sims look a bit … different. I’ve got a love for object heads, which meets my love for tanks, and therefore I made tank heads for my game. Before you ask: No, I won’t be sharing the heads as downloads, since I used content from a different video game for the meshes.

If you want, you can go check out my social media! It’s where I post my turret-head related art.




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