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Out with the old

I was playing again lately and decided that my Tiger boy needs a makeover. He looks pretty good, I think.   This is the base model, which looks better but technical limitations yadda yadda: I [..]

Coming Soon: Tankhead Mods

I’ve finally had the time to start making/converting my own models to mods, so I can now make them publicly available for download. The first one is currently in the queue for approval at ModTheSims, [..]

My Absence!

Sorry for not posting lately, I’ve been too busy to play. Don’t know when this busy-ness will end, but for now I can’t make any new content. In the meantime, have a gif.

Minor update with major effect

So I just learned the hard way that instead of updating the metadata on my posts, my code added new meta tags to the posts every time the page was opened… I fixed that now, [..]

Hello World

Welcome to this blog! After seeing other people do it, and because I didn’t want to spam my art tumblr, I decided to make my own blog for my Sims content. I’m gonna be uploading [..]